Episode 139 – Like Kittens On The Highway

In episode 139 the boys are joined by their very own Tech Support Tauren™, Krhainos. If you have ever been frustrated with lag or wonder what all this talk about DDOS attacks really mean, then this technical talk is just for you.


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The thing I was going to say about wireless routers but forgot:
When you purchase a new wireless access point or router, it might use a newer wireless technology than the devices you already have.

Sometimes you can only benefit from what the newer technology brings if your device uses that new standard too.

Another SSD fear that turned out to be myth:
SSDs were also rumored to have a shorter lives than spindle drives because flash memory have a limited number times it can be written. It was theorized that you could “use up” those writes quicker than the natural lifespan of a spindle drive.

These days, SSDs can have their full capacity written continuously for many years before before they can’t be written to anymore.

Bits vs. bytes:
Bits are expressed in a lower case b (ex. Gb = Gigabit), and bytes are expressed in a capital B (ex. KB = Kilobytes).

If you’re downloading from Steam at 1MB/s (1 megabyte per second), your service is likely at least 8Mb/s (8 megabit per second).

Links to stuff if you want to dive deeper.
On bandwidth use:
(these are just graphs produced from my router)
The light blue and green represent voice traffic and WoW. In the first picture, you can see the sudden rise in bandwidth use around 23:00 when we start raiding, and you can almost even identify each boss fight with each plateau. In the second image, there’s a different pattern near 23:00 and that’s because we blitzed through Throne of Thunder, which was more of a continuous slaughter than the bursty activity in “real” raiding.

On latency/jitter:

Can you beat Usain Bolt out of the blocks?
Was your reaction time faster than how quick AT&T can send data from New York to Seattle?

On DDoS attacks:

On password security:
Disclaimer : You probably shouldn’t just trust any website with your real password. It probably isn’t a good idea to enter your real password here.


To run a continuous ping:
1) Open your Start menu, type in “cmd” and press enter. This should open a Command Prompt.
2) Enter the following:
ping -t [host]

where [host] is an IP address listed by Blizzard or, your router’s IP address, etc.
Not all hosts will respond to ICMP echo requests.