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Episode 56 – There’s A Strat In There Somewhere

And now for something completely similar… The boys have invited Ceraphus and Xia to discuss the dummies involvement with Catalyst Gaming Media. What is it? Why should you be excited about it? Listen in and find out exactly what the buzz is all about!!! And if you’re lucky maybe Xia will talk extra fancy for you!


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Episode 55 – Brewmasters Make Everything Sunnier

Episode 55 was long overdue and Rob can hardly contain himself as the boys get all the must have info about Blizzard’s latest addition to the tanking table… It’s Brewmasters with special guest Sunnier! We discuss how awesome it is kicking mobs in the face and just how important it is to shuffle. And if you haven’t gotten your legendary cloak by now, we strongly recommend that you go and get one… better yet, get TWO!


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MOTW Ep 55 – Brewmaster Brilliance

These macros come courtesy of Sunnier, as well as the descriptions for them. Enjoy.

This macro targets yourself with Chi Wave, guaranteeing that Chi Wave will heal you on its first bounce. That’s pretty important if you want Chi Wave to be useful while tanking. Just in case you want to start the Chi Wave bounce on someone other than yourself, use it with the ctrl modifier.

/use [nomod, @player] Chi Wave
/use [mod:ctrl] Chi Wave

This macro puts all your taunt functionality on the same button. Without modifiers, it simply taunts your target. With shift, it targets and taunts off your Ox Statue, which is an AoE taunt. With ctrl, it casts Leer of the Ox (assuming you have it glyphed), which taunts some mobs onto your statue.

/cast [nomod] Provoke
/target [mod:shift] Black Ox Statue;
/cast [mod:shift] Provoke
/cast [mod:ctrl] Leer of the Ox

MOTW Ep 55 – World Raid Markers

Use this macro to bind world markers to your keys. To change between the various colors, simply change the last digit in the macro on the second line to the corresponding number in the table below! Thanks and hendlove to Pudkud for sending this in!

/click CompactRaidFrameManagerDisplayFrameLeaderOptionsRaidWorldMarkerButton
/click DropDownList1Button1

1 Blue square
2 Green triangle
3 Purple diamond
4 Red cross
5 Yellow Star
6 Clear All

Episode 54 – Dispensing Frog Justice

Welcome back to a brand new episode! Despite fighting some technical difficulties and audio gnomes, the boys have a great conversation with Skolnick about the hidden gems of this wonderful World of Warcraft. Come and get a special dose of Frog Justice and learn some of WoWs hidden locations and best kept secrets!


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