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MOTW Ep 32 – Random Mount

This macro will randomly call any mount listed as a number in between the { }

/run if (not IsMounted()) then local t = {2,3,4} CallCompanion ("Mount", t[random(#t)]) else DismissCompanion("Mount") end

Enter the number of the mount as it appears in your spellbook. If the first mount listed in your spellbook is the Abyssal Seahorse from Vashjir, that would be 1, and if the second mount is the Albino Drake, it would be 2, etc. If you want the Albino Drake in your macro, input the number 2 in the number section between the { }. Add additional mounts by separating their corresponding number with a comma.

It can be difficult counting the number of each mount as it appears in your mount tab but it will work. When first creating it, I would suggest adding only one mount and try it to make sure you have the correct corresponding number to the mount you want. One thing you will need to watch for is getting new mounts. It will mess with your ordering since the new mount will be added alphabetically and increase the number value of any mounts listed after it, meaning you may need to modify your macro.

Have fun!.

Episode 32 – Macro Eye For The Hunting Guy

The boys are back at it again! In this Hunteriffic episode we bring on special guest Ghemit who inspired this week’s topic. We learn how many 90s Rob actually has and that even in beautiful Mexico, Hend just can’t stay away from Azeroth. From keybinds to macros to…. warlocks? We have another great round table episode discussion digging into the class that everyone loves to hate. Special congratulations to this week’s premium Ask Mr. Robot account winner, Epicinsanity!


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Episode 31 – Bloodlust Is Better

The filthy Alliance was hard at work tonight trying to sabotage this show. We had multiple disconnects, some weird noise skipping and not even sure what happened in the middle of the show. Kevin Old Scratch from the Darkmoon Herald talks Shaman and by the end of the show all 3 of us are re-evaluating our talents choices! Yes, even The Training Dummies learn something on this show! Be warned, after about 1 hour the sound quality deteriorates and we actually cut out a chunk of the show. If you want to hear the cut portion, it is at the end of the show.

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Enhance Shaman LB/Heal Macro

This macro is straight out of Hend’s Enhancement playbook with only a slight modification: the @player condition at the end.

#showtooltip Lightning Bolt
/cast [@mouseover,help]Healing Surge; [@mouseover,harm]Lightning Bolt; [@target,help]Healing Surge; [@target,harm]Lightning Bolt;[@player]Healing Surge says it does the following:

If the unit your mouse is currently over is a friend then:
Cast Healing Surge on the unit your mouse is currently over

Else, if the unit your mouse is currently over is an enemy then:
Cast Lightning Bolt on the unit your mouse is currently over

Else, if the currently targeted unit is a friend then:
Cast Healing Surge on the currently targeted unit

Else, if the currently targeted unit is an enemy then:
Cast Lightning Bolt on the currently targeted unit

Cast Healing Surge on you


Shaman OH CRAP Macro – Sans Error Message

This macro is a good OH CRAP button that will pop trinkets and use Synapse Springs on gloves if you’re an engineer. If you try to use it again while any of those are on cooldown, it should not print an error message on the screeen. You will still be able to hear the error sound file “That spell is not ready yet” but that cannot be helped as far as we know.

/cast Ancestral Swiftness
/use 10
/use 13
/use 14
/y Let the Hendlove heal you!
/cast [@mouseover,help]Greater Healing Wave;[help]Greater Healing Wave
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

Mentioned in Episode 31.

MOTW Ep 30 – Farming Frenzy!

This is Hend’s current farming macro. To get the most utility out of it, use the SHIFT key to use your plow, plant the “Crop of the Day” as per Farmer Yoon (after taking the quest, trust me, this is an important step), and clear it’s affliction right away. You can then use ALT and this button to dig up that crop so you can plant what you really want. Turn in the quest for an easy 9g 92s 50c!

Adding the different seeds at the end will plant what you have in your bags that match the first criteria. That means it will plant Seed Priority #1 until they are gone, then plant Seed Priority #2, etc.


/target Growing
/use [mod:alt]Dented Shovel
/target Tilled Soil
/use [mod:shift]Master Plow;Seed Priority #1
/use Seed Priority #2
/use Seed Priority #3

Episode 30 – An Affinity for Affinitii

Once again we are joined by Affinitii of Blood Legion fame! We get into a discussion on the mysterious unannounced feature and follow up on Affinitii’s world ranked progression ranking for Mists of Pandaria. In all the excitement we forgot to announce the winner of the Ask Mr. Robot premium account during the show. Congratulations Buckhunt!

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