About Us

The Training Dummies are a group of friends with a variety of experience that are going to answer your questions and speak about topics on helping you be a better player whether you’re flying solo, trying to get into 5 man dungeons, or working out how to prepare for raiding. We’re here to help the player that needs a leg up to get started.  We’re here to relay that message from the elite player that has that one tip that really made all the difference. We might even be here to google that for you on occasion.

The Training Dummies started as a nameless idea years ago where many of us would reflect on things spoken over our voice service, get-togethers or phone calls amongst our guild’s members.  The collective knowledge and experience we all brought to the table seemed like something that could be shared with others, but we hadn’t really thought about putting it in a podcast format until recently.  There were many times we’d have discussions or debates between each other regarding many different aspects of the game and the people playing it. We hope to expand on our hosts and guests extending our own guild’s members and varying degrees of opinions to give insights to World of Warcraft that players can relate to, build on, contribute to and hopefully take away some helpful new advice, tips or thoughts for themselves.

We are all players trying to have a good time doing what we do and playing a game we love.  For those struggling or simply not in the know, we hope to provide insight and information that can open new doors for you. For the experienced players we hope that you can find something that can make this an enjoyable experience for all involved.  Some people have been playing this game a long time and take much for granted, others may be just starting and slightly confused and inundated with information. Let’s bridge that gap and make this enjoyable for everyone.

That said the show isn’t all about us and our experiences. Maybe you have found some gem that is highly overlooked that is a huge help, or an experience that needs to be shared. We welcome your questions and your own feedback. Maybe you can teach these dummies a thing or two as well!

We do have experience in every role and many classes and are ready to freely share our own endeavors of failures and successes with you!

Most of all, Thank you for taking the time to check us out.