MOTW Ep 55 – Brewmaster Brilliance

These macros come courtesy of Sunnier, as well as the descriptions for them. Enjoy.

This macro targets yourself with Chi Wave, guaranteeing that Chi Wave will heal you on its first bounce. That’s pretty important if you want Chi Wave to be useful while tanking. Just in case you want to start the Chi Wave bounce on someone other than yourself, use it with the ctrl modifier.

/use [nomod, @player] Chi Wave
/use [mod:ctrl] Chi Wave

This macro puts all your taunt functionality on the same button. Without modifiers, it simply taunts your target. With shift, it targets and taunts off your Ox Statue, which is an AoE taunt. With ctrl, it casts Leer of the Ox (assuming you have it glyphed), which taunts some mobs onto your statue.

/cast [nomod] Provoke
/target [mod:shift] Black Ox Statue;
/cast [mod:shift] Provoke
/cast [mod:ctrl] Leer of the Ox