MOTW Ep 30 – Farming Frenzy!

This is Hend’s current farming macro. To get the most utility out of it, use the SHIFT key to use your plow, plant the “Crop of the Day” as per Farmer Yoon (after taking the quest, trust me, this is an important step), and clear it’s affliction right away. You can then use ALT and this button to dig up that crop so you can plant what you really want. Turn in the quest for an easy 9g 92s 50c!

Adding the different seeds at the end will plant what you have in your bags that match the first criteria. That means it will plant Seed Priority #1 until they are gone, then plant Seed Priority #2, etc.


/target Growing
/use [mod:alt]Dented Shovel
/target Tilled Soil
/use [mod:shift]Master Plow;Seed Priority #1
/use Seed Priority #2
/use Seed Priority #3