Episode 8 – Pro Tips

That’s right, PRO(fession) TIPS and explanations.

We discuss the advantages of professions, why you should learn them and keep them leveled up, and we also explain the perks of every profession and how they’re used for making money or min/maxing.

For a quick reference to what professions will look like in Mists of Pandaria check out TheIncBear’s (Arielle/@riftmaker) blog post (Keep in mind the post is also suggesting professions to take based on being a Guardian Druid, but the numbers for what the professions provide is still accurate.)

Also one of the Profession sites we used to level up many professions fast and easily is TheNoobSchool.

Also, mentioned at the beginning were Hoofit’s Archaeology Addon preferences. If you, too, are into the pain, suffering and agony of Archaeology, here they are:
Archaeology Helper + Gathermate2 + Gathermate2 Data
Hoofit’s youtube video of using the Archaeology addons. (Sorry about the low resolution-it was one of my first captures, it makes it difficult to see the range zones and gathermate2 node points, but you’ll get the idea.)


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