Episode 2 – Paladins. Ramping up with Ret!

We answer a listener email for help with a Retribution Paladin trying to get ready for the highest level 5 mans and Looking for Raid. We also discuss a few simple things in the Hour of Twilight 5 mans that some players seem to forget.
We talk about a lot of sites, addons or macros in this episode, here’s a brief recap:

Ask Mr. Robot (for optimizing your Gems, Enchants and Reforges)
A.M.R. Quickstart/Beginner’s Guide (Written by Hoofit, Approved by AMR!)
Noxxic (used for referencing Glyph and Talent possibilities and rotation priority suggestions)
Addons Mentioned: Power Auras (or default game Auras), Inline Auras, RedRange, Omni Cooldown Count, Tell Me When, Reforginator.
Macro Mentioned: (You can copy and paste the below in italics into your macro window)
#showtooltip Exorcism
/cast Exorcism

Don’t forget: You can help contribute too, If you feel something should be added for Ohagirldragon to check out, go for it!

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