Episode 11 – Optimize Prime

A review of some of the more popular sites for Sources and Optimization. We also answer some emails that start a decent discussion among us before we dig in to the main topic of Source websites.

Information Sources: Community Blogs, One stop shop sites, YouTube channels

Elamari’s Feral Druid Leveling guide. Hoofit’s AskMrRobot Start Up guide.
Sites: AskMrRobot, Noxxic, Icy-Veins, Elitist Jerks, MaxDPS, WowHead
YouTube channels: Preach Gaming, FatbossTV, TGN WoW

Also, that crazy modifier “4 actions on 1 Macro” that was discussed (CTRL+Shift, CTRL, Shift, and normal):

/cast [@mouseover,help,mod:ctrlshift]Healing Surge;[@mouseover,help,mod:ctrl]Healing Wave;[@mouseover,help,mod:shift]Chain Heal;[@mouseover,help]Greater Healing Wave
/cast Greater Healing Wave


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