Episode 5 – Gems, Enchanting and…. Weforging?

Pwepping for Hewoics and Waiding!
After you’re geared out, your work is not yet finished! We discuss about what to do after you get that gear to better yourself, your 5m, or your raids (even your PVP).  How do you do Gem, Reforge or Enchant?  Why are these so expensive, are there cheaper alternatives?  There sure are, and we discuss it.

Special thanks to Alludra the mage for her Mannerly Mage segment that fit into this topic so well. Alludra is so Awesome!

Discussion links mentioned:
Wow-Gem.comGems: complete listing/sorting of any kind of gems
WowArmory.comEnchanting: Linked directly to the enchant search listing.
ReforginatorReforging: Addon / In game resource.
AskMrRobot.comReforging/Enchanting/Gems: (website) Dynamic gear optimizer based on your current gear levels.
Noxxic.com –  Reforging/Enchanting/Gems (website) one stop shop for guides on what to do, but suggestions may not match your current level/progression.


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